SLIDE FIT 2020 Red Dot Award: Design Concept WONDER CORE GENIUS 2019 Red Dot Award: Design Concept


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Wonder Core leads you to a healthy life with smart exercise. Due to the global trend of intellectualized sports, fitness exercise becomes smarter and easier. The combination of fitness equipment with competition, entertainment and community has become a trend. Through analyzing big data, we can understand more about our body, and manage our health from daily training.

Start Your Workout

Free online courses with all your favorite fitness equipment, designed by a professional team. Choose what you're interested in, and start it now with Wonder Core trainers.

Watch Anytime, Anywhere

You can access all courses anytime and anywhere, as long as you have TV, tablet, or smart phone.

Applicable device: TV / tablet / mobile phone

World's Top Training Team

Our world-class international training team created an exclusive online course for each product, allowing you to participate in a gym coaching course at home and achieve the best workout results!

Elizabeth Gorman / USA

Elizabeth Gorman / USA

Miss Fitness USA/ NASM-CPT

Jordan Nevels / USA

Jordan Nevels / USA

Personal Trainer of Hollywood Star/ American Football Player

Marc Megna / USA

Marc Megna / USA


Adam Frater / USA

Adam Frater / USA

Bodyweight Trainer/ Street Workout Expert/ ACE-CPT

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與明星網紅一起體驗 Wonder Core 產品帶來的美好,感受健身運動的絕佳塑體效果,想跟他們一樣嗎?看看他們都做了哪些努力才擁有令人稱羨的性感身材。

8-Week Self Challenge

"Working out consistently is not enough- you should fall in love working out consistently." Seeking for a better shape will be fairly easy if you manage to make exercise a daily habit. Let's see how the 30 participants as ordinary people challenged themselves with Wonder Core Genius and their perseverance for 8 weeks to build the body shape that they wanted!

Wait no more for the result! As long as you work hard and consistantly, the result will be right there waiting for you!"

Jordan Natural Nevels


Don't miss it!

A series of amazing indoors workout plans that turn you into the spotlight of the world. Exercising at home will no longer make you feel lonely. Enjoy the applause and cheers from all over the world!

Wonder Core Slide Fit- The Red Dot Design Award Winner For 2 Consecutive Years

Wonder Core’s new product of the year- Slide Fit, once again impressed the judges and won the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2020

Wonder Core Genius won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award

Wonder Core Genius won the 2019 Red Dot Design Award

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