Wonder Core Slide Fit- The Red Dot Design Award Winner For 2 Consecutive Years

Wonder Core Slide Fit- The Red Dot Design Award Winner For 2 Consecutive Years

The Red Dot Design Award Winner For 2 Consecutive Years

“Wonder Core Slide Fit” Rises As An International Star

Wonder Core’s new product of the year- “Slide Fit”, once again impressed the judges and won the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2020

The Red Dot Design Award, known as “Oscar in Design,” is subdivided into Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. More than 7000 works worldwide joins the competition each year. This time, Wonder Core took part in the competition again with Slide Fit, and won the award again, It proved the ability of Taiwan’s R&D team and let Taiwan be seen by the world.

Slide Fit is a multi-functional fitness equipment that includes the movement “sliding” which is inspired by skateboards. Sliding increases the difficulty of control during exercise and works the muscles that are not frequently used. It has the unique Dual Motion Resistance rebound technology and foldable grips, which can provide more than 30 exercise methods, including squats, sit-ups, ab roll, ab tuck, and plank that sculpt the arms, waist, hips, legs, abs, and works all body muscles.

Among them, the most eye-catching is that the Slide Fit is equipped with the world’s first Dual Motion Resistance System, a two-way gear mechanism that provides resistance when Slide Fit is pushed out, and provides assistance when it is pulled back. This mechanism design greatly improves the safety and effectiveness of sliding. The patented resistance-switching design allows you to easily adjust between three resistance levels, allowing beginners to get started quickly, and fitness veterans to pursue higher level exercises. It fits anyone and any fitness level.

In addition, training courses provided by the exclusive App can be used as training aids, including professional training videos, unique fitness games, and smart workout analysis. Through learning from the videos, it feels like that there is a personal trainer with you to help you improve your exercise efficiency. Although Slide Fit is small, it is lightweight and portable, and it has every function that you can think of as a fitness device. Slide Fit is undoubtedly the perfect option for exercising at home.

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